Green Mountain Pipeline Services will propel a harmless white smoke into the mainline sewer system and will then observe where the smoke exits the system. A sewer system is a “sealed system” and the smoke should only exit at very specific locations from the system.

If the smoke escapes from any point along the sanitary sewer line, it indicates a defect in the sewer. Leaks in either public or private sanitary sewer lines may allow storm water to enter the sewer during a heavy rainstorm. This is called inflow and infiltration, which may result in sewer overflows. Residents who notice smoke escaping from their private sewer lines (between the main line and their home) should take note of these defects as well, and plan to repair them as soon as possible.

Rest assured that Green Mountain Pipeline Services is a professional organization and will handle this project with the care and expertise that has earned us our excellent reputation across the Northeast.