Regional water and wastewater pipeline rehabilitation services company announces expanded workforce and high-paying job opportunities

Green Mountain Pipeline Services provides a wide range of trenchless technology services for commercial, municipal, and industrial customers across the Northeast

[October 2018 – Bethel, Vermont]: Excellent pay and competitive benefits. The opportunity for all-expenses-paid travel throughout the Northeast. Stability with a company that has served the region since 2003 in a recession-proof industry.

That’s what job seekers can expect to find at Green Mountain Pipeline Services, which uses trenchless technology to provide a wide range of commercial, municipal, and industrial pipeline and manhole inspection and rehabilitation services. Based in Bethel, Vermont, the company is expanding its workforce and has immediate job openings for laborers and technicians with training provided.

“Here in the Northeast, many of the wastewater collection systems are more than 100 years old – long past the life for which they were designed,” says Tim Vivian, president and co-founder of Green Mountain Pipeline Services. “We repair collection systems so they can continue their usefulness for many years to come.”

Vivian, who also serves as president of NASSCO, the National Association of Sewer Service Companies, says pipeline problems are made worse by the impacts of climate change, such as flooding from rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

“We’re expanding to meet current – and future – demand,” Vivian says.

Crew members depart out of Bethel on early Monday mornings to perform pipeline work across the region. They’re provided private hotel rooms and a per diem for meals, returning on Thursday evening. While excellent pay is cited by most employees as the main benefit of working for GMPS – earnings can reach as high as $100,000 in some cases – crew members also mention the traveling lifestyle as an attractive part of their job.

“Travel is what originally got me here,” says Matt Brown, a member of a five-man crew that performs a type of no-dig sewer rehabilitation service called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. “And definitely the money is a big plus,” says the 25-year-old from Sharon, Vermont, already a homeowner for nearly two years.

Twenty-three-year-old Caleb Chase agrees. “It’s good pay. Back home in Bethel, that’s hard to come by.”

Chase bought a house earlier this year and was married in a July ceremony attended by some 250 guests. But it’s the travel that he enjoys just as much as the healthy paycheck.

“Before this job I stayed in Vermont. I didn’t get around much. I’ve been all over New England now, including places like Boston. It’s nice to be in different places and see new things. It’s pretty incredible.”

Crew supervisor Adam Stearns, 30, also of Bethel, has been with the company full-time since he graduated from Vermont Technical College with an associate degree in civil and environmental engineering.

“There are opportunities you have here financially that you can’t get anywhere else unless you live in a city– and it costs way more to live in the city,” says Stearns.

He acknowledges that the travel lifestyle can take some adjusting to, especially for those with families, but says most everyone accepts the tradeoff. “For my new wife and me, this is putting us in a good place financially,” Stearns says.

The job offers stability in other ways, says Vivian. “Modern cities and towns only exist with the availability of clean water and the ability to get rid of dirty water.  Because of these two simple truths, operational water and wastewater infrastructure will always be needed. It’s a pretty recession-proof line of work.”

Beyond all those benefits, Brown cites the camaraderie he enjoys with his fellow crewmen: “I love it here; we’re like one big family. Everyone gets along really well. I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

Job applications are available on the Green Mountain Pipeline Services website at Applicants need not have experience, but a commercial driver’s license (or the ability to acquire one) is preferred. GMPS provides a competitive benefit package with paid time off for vacation and major holidays.


Founded in 2003, Green Mountain Pipeline Services offers a wide range of pipeline inspection and rehabilitation services using trenchless technology. This includes closed circuit TV inspection of mainlines and laterals; cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) mainline and lateral lining, plus CIPP spot repairs; grouting of mainlines, manholes and laterals; manhole/structure reconstruction; pipeline/structure cleaning; and smoke testing, manhole inspections, dye testing and flow isolation.

GMPS is a subsidiary of Infrastructure Services Group LLC, which acquires and funds profitable and well-positioned private companies that specialize in water and wastewater pipeline and manhole inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation. ISG recognizes that aging water and wastewater infrastructure systems are being further challenged by the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events, increasing demand for rehab and repair.

Headquartered at 768 South Main Street, Unit 1, in Bethel, Vermont, Green Mountain Pipeline Services can be reached at 802-763-7022 or


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