Adam Stearns


Adam Stearns is Superintendent of a CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) Mainline Crew. He’s been involved in the installation of all sizes of CIPP liners but primarily is focused on those projects with smaller diameter pipe, many laterals to reinstate and lots of homeowner interaction.  Adam’s ability to explain our processes in a simple manner is a real asset in this type of work.

Adam’s first responsibility with Green Mountain Pipeline Services was in the back of a TV truck. He quickly became an operator, learning how to reinstate services in CIPP liners and grouting mainlines and laterals. He also served as a Crew Leader on a CIPP Mainline Crew where he worked for three years until he was promoted to his current position as Superintendent.

Adam earned an Associate’s Degree in Construction Management from Vermont Technical College. He is married with two children and enjoys coaching baseball.

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