Corey Stearns

VP & Co-Founder

Corey Stearns is Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Green Mountain Pipeline Services, which he co-founded in 2003 with Tim Vivian and Brent Ketner.

A graduate of the University of Vermont and native of Bethel, Corey serves as the lead partner overseeing projects and project managers covering our service area.

Corey has spent almost his entire career in trenchless technologies and collection systems. His experience includes work in TV inspection, cleaning, pipeline testing and sealing, all types of manhole rehabilitation, smoke testing, flow isolation, manhole-to-manhole cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) and trenchless point repairs.

He is adept at manhole sealing with urethane and acrylamide gels. He has also monolithically lined thousands of manholes with various cement products.

In addition Corey has sprayed, rolled and troweled on epoxy coatings to numerous manholes as well as rebuilt inverts, reset frames and covers, vacuum and hydrostatic testing of manholes.

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