Zack Scott


Zack Scott is a Superintendent for a CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) Mainline Lining Crew. His expertise is on larger diameter pipe where he has led the installation of liners up to 72 inches, including very difficult installations of 72-inch by 48-inch ‘egg-shaped’ sewers.

Zack started working in the trenchless industry directly out of high school for Vermont Pipeline Services, quickly moving from the back of the truck to the operator’s seat where he achieved proficiency at reinstating laterals in lined pipe.

After VPS, Zack took a year to work as a logger for a family business based in Bethel before returning to the sewer services industry by joining the team at Green Mountain Pipeline Services. His talent for reinstating laterals was exceeded only by his ability to lead the crew and stay organized.

This led to his promotion to a Crew Lead, where he stayed for two years until he was promoted to a full Superintendent.

Zack is married and enjoys devoting his free time to his two children.

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